Advanced Boxing - Sparring

Here’s your opportunity to practice everything you learned in class and spar against other class members and even our trainers. We provide this fun competition so members can also safely exhibit the techniques developed over each private training session or from our instructional classes. This type of training is the closest you will get to an actual fight, and is a very important part of boxing and martial arts training. In this class you will be supervised by one of our coaches and taught about the key points in sparring.

Learn How to Spar Properly

You will learn about keeping distance between you and your partner, rhythm and timing, footwork, speed, and reaction. Sparring is also important for conditioning your mental and physical toughness for a fight. You learn how to keep focus, even while you are getting hit and while your adrenaline begins to take over. It also really puts your cardio to the test! It is surprising how tired you become when working against a moving target. It is definitely not the same as working during partner drills, hitting mitts, or working on the bag. Another benefit is that it will give you a greater sense of confidence in the ring which it important if you are thinking of competing in a fight event.  Most importantly, it is key to find a good sparring partner. Sparring is used as a tool to help you get ready for a fight or just to see how you are developing as fighter. Sparring should not be used to beat someone up or to boost egos, it is about learning. That is why we are sure to pair everyone up with someone at their same level, so that you are able to learn a develop your sparring game together.