Coach Highlight: Aurora Adamecias

“We are more than what we do, more than our passions.”


Meet Coach Aurora Adamecias, aka certified bad-ass. We’re currently in the process of trying to get her legal middle name to become “bad-ass” (we’re serious). Adamecias was born in New Orleans, but her favorite San Diego spots are Mission Bay and Balboa Park. You can catch her dancing to Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People and her guilty pleasure involves eating pizza and rib-eye. She is a meditator, enjoys being outdoors (paddleboarding, specifically) and writing. Her biggest strength is being a total bad-ass and her biggest weakness is a continuous work-in-progress. Her “uncool” charm actually adds to her spunk and cool factor. Adamecias admits that moderation is not her strong suit and that she tends to “go too hard, too often” especially when it comes to training. She finds moderation a struggle for most fighters, but acknowledges the importance of rest days and listening to one’s body. If Aurora’s friends and those closest to her were to describe her three words, they would describe her as intense, empathetic, and strong. Coincidentally enough, Aurora would use intense, empathetic, and strong to describe herself as well. 


Adamecias used “beautiful” to describe Muay Thai in one word but she would rather describe Muay Thai in one phrase: “beautifully lethal”. She believes that watching Muay Thai is the equivalent of “watching” art and has never seen it as violent. She said she should probably question why she’s never seen Muay Thai as violent, but we attributed it to what the sport has done for Adamecias as a whole. Aurora’s favorite part of being a coach is being able to be a part of the transformation process that involves overcoming insecurities, acquiring the art of discipline, and watching her clients become better versions of themselves. The most important lesson she has learned from being a coach is that “humility will take you far”. The craziest moment of her coaching career was getting drop kicked in the face while holding pads for a client that resulted in a bruised jaw for a month. 


After a horrific injury that stopped her fighting career, being able to coach at TBC has been a way to get Adamecias back into martial arts and that part of herself back. Coaching has helped Adamecias accept the fact that she will never fight again. After her injury, she struggled with an identity crisis and gives her two cents to anyone who may be experiencing an identity crisis that it is important to acknowledge that “we are more than what we do, more than our passions. They are a huge part of us but there are a lot of different aspects that you can learn to embrace about yourself and not just that one thing that you put your everything into. You have a lot more to offer the world”. Even though it’s been different being a part of a gym as a coach rather than a fighter, TBC is home now for Adamecias (quite literally, she is here all the time). Adamecias is most proud of the camaraderie, fellowship and community that TBC has been continuously building (#TBCFAM) and using combat-sports to empower people.


Make sure to say hi to this incredible coach of ours and get ready to witness what it's like to be in the presence of a true bad-ass!



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