Coach Highlight: Milan Bakic

Peru native and new TBC coach, Milan Bakic calls ice cream his guilty pleasure and his favorite San Diego spot is the Fish Market downtown. His biggest strength as a person and a martial artist is loyalty and discipline. He finds his heart to be his weakness and would tell his 19-year old self, “if I knew then what I know now”. With 17 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience and 30 years in Martial Arts, Bakic describes Jiu-Jitsu as “life”.


Bakic used to work private security for celebrities/high-profile clients and described it as “having its moments” filled with massive high stress or massive nothingness aka boring – it can go from zero to a hundred at all times. He’s not allowed to name names, but he did have some clients that were particularly difficult to work with and keep safe. From riding on private jets and living like a rockstar, Bakic said it is always important to stay humble, disciplined and be on top of your game… ALWAYS.


Milan’s favorite part about being a coach is that “when you teach, you learn twice” and that jiu-jitsu is a way to balance life’s obstacles with the obstacles of jiu-jitsu. He explained that life and jiu-jitsu have an incredible relationship with each other. It’s all about staying with it, working it out, and showing up no matter what. 


"Just show up"


Bakic says the way to show up is through discipline. He explained how discipline sometimes gets a bad reputation with its stereotypical scolding moments, but rather it’s an art. He says, “discipline is a way of getting you out of bed and putting all of your work behind you, and that it is a way of filling your life with lessons and transformation”. He loves what he does and has since he was 6-years old. Milan believes that you can have jiu-jitsu and love (other than Jiu-Jitsu). It’s important to find someone who fully understands the lifestyle and the mutual support on both ends. 


Every day is different and Milan doesn’t know what a normal life is, but it definitely includes his french bulldog, Bruno, meditation, and never failing to make his bed in the morning. His mentality is that it’s all about little accomplishments throughout the day that leads to a good day, week, month, etc.


TBC became home for Milan because of Shannon Gugerty and it became an instant fit. He is mesmerized by being able to make training in a beautiful space and working hard synonymous. He calls it a recipe for success. Bakic is most excited to give back everything that he has learned and help to piece the puzzle together for his students. 


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