FAQs COVID-19 Re-Opening

1. Am I getting a refund on my membership because of COVID-19?

The total time of our temporary closure will be credited to your account and will be applied to your first bill date of our reopening. 


2. Is my account frozen? Will I be able to extend me freeze until I am comfortable to come back to the club?

All accounts will be unfrozen on the day of our reopening, unless you had made prior arrangements it to remain frozen. You are able to keep your account on hold, please contact your location for more information or email info@theboxingclub.net.


3. How will my account be credited back and what does this mean?

The prorated amount of your March membership dues will be credited back based on the number of days we are temporarily closed (beginning on March 17th, 2020) and applied to your next bill date. If you have a prepaid membership, your expiration date will be extended by the number of days of our temporary closure. 


4. Can I cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership when we re-open, you will need to follow the cancellation procedures per your membership contract. Please contact your location for more information, all membership cancellations must follow regular TBC policy.


5. What happens to my personal training sessions? 

Any personal training sessions that were scheduled during our temporary closure will be credited back to your account to use now that we are open.


6. How will group classes be structured with the new regulations in place?

All group classes will have a strict set capacity that managers and coaches will follow to ensure adequate spacing and provide the safest environment for our staff and members. Classes will be first come first serve, please try to show up 15-20 minutes before class if you are worried about capacity. You will be unable to reserve classes online or over the phone.


7. Will you still have instructional programs?

We will still be offering our instructional programs. Please be aware that there will be a capacity limit and that you will be in closer contact with others in these classes. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, do not take instructional programs. 


8.Will there be open gym hours? Will operation hours remain the same?

Yes, the gym will still be open for members to work out in our cardio and weight room areas for 90 minutes. We encourage you to take advantage of mornings, midday, and other low traffic times. We will be closing on Sundays at ALL clubs to deep clean equipment and sterilize the facility for the next week.


9. What other steps is The Boxing Club taking to keep us safe?

All staff and members will be temperature checked daily, rental equipment will no longer be offered for members to reduce spread of sweat, plexiglass will be installed at the front desk, towel service will be temporarily suspended to allow our cleaning staff to focus on sanitizing equipment more frequently and we will be limiting the capacity within the club. 



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