TBC 2018 Weight Loss Challenge

It’s that time of year again! Are you ready for the challenge?
Starting January 22nd we will be holding the first weigh-in to signal the start of our 2018 Weight Loss Challenge and you will have until January 28th to enter. We love a little friendly completion at TBC and can’t wait for the challenge this year. Every member who enters will be weighed, measured, and have a before photo taken. Then, you are in the driver’s seat and it will be up to you to make sure you come to class, eat well, and stay on track!  First place will receive the $500 grand prize, second place will receive $300, and third place will receive $100. The winners will be decided on most total body fat % lost. You MUST check-in for all 3 check-in dates in order to qualify for the grand prizes! 
Check-in dates are:
  • Start Check : January 22nd-28th
  • Halfway Check: March 5th-11th
  • Final Check: April 16th-21st
We wanted to make it more fun for all of our members this year, so we will be creating a special 90 Day Challenge Facebook group where you can motivate each other and plan days to workout together! We will also post announcements about check-ins and special events for everyone participating in this group page.
First weigh-in begins JANUARY 22ND, so visit the front desk to sign up. If you want extra help during the challenge we recommend setting up some personal training sessions with one of our trainers to help you through the process. We are here to help, just ask the desk for more information on private training. 
Good luck to everyone participating! We will see you in the club! 


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