Muay Thai Classes

Muay Thai Fitness Program & Class Format 

Every session offers a challenging and engaging workout for all members. You will be doing everything from bag work, partner drills, and pad work during these classes. For beginners, we recommend to start with our Power Kickboxing classes and transition to Basic Muay Thai. Our program offers beginners Muay Thai, intermediate classes and advanced Muay Thai classes, so no matter your experience level there is a class for you.

Learn Muay Thai from the Top Coaches in San Diego

Once you have put in the work and have enough experience with partner drills, ask one of the Muay Thai coaches if you are ready for a sparring class. Then you will be able to apply what you have learned and put your skills to the test. Protective gear is required. Please bring 16oz gloves, shin guards, mouthpiece and cup to each class. 

What is Muay Thai

Muay Thai, also known as the Art of Eight Limbs, is the fastest growing stand up striking sport in the world. It is essentially the Thai form of boxing and is a huge part of Thailand’s culture. Students in Thailand start from a very young age and begin competitive professional fighting sometimes as young as 6 years old. 

Benefits of Muay Thai

At The Boxing Club, it is taught by Muay Thai professional and amateur fighters as well as world class trainers, from the beginner stages all the way to the professional fighting level. You choose your goals, whether you aspire to be a fighter yourself or you are looking to start a new hobby, Muay Thai is fun for everyone. Muay Thai training will introduce you to the exciting power of knees, elbows, fists and legs for striking, the fundamentals of technique and combinations. Many of our students take Muay Thai for fitness and agility reasons – this is the fastest way to increase upper, core and lower body strength, fine tune mobility, and gain fast reflexes.