Boxing Classes

Learn boxing at one of San Diego’s top rated gyms

Boxing delivers the highest level of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, sharp reflexes and, oh, fight skills. Whether you want to blow off steam after work or train like a champ, boxing will work your whole body and mind. This class hits a high intensity level that focuses on cardio exercises with bag-work training. What sets this boxing class apart from other group boxing classes is that we put a huge emphasis on proper boxing technique. For each new member, we make sure that you are comfortable with all of the basic punches before you enter a class to prevent injury and also make it more fun for you.  A main benefit of boxing is that it gives you an amazing stress outlet. Nothing feels better than taking out all of your stress out on the bag! We all have many things throughout the day that stress us out, so it’s nice that for one hour you can come into The Boxing Club and just forget about the outside world. 

Power Boxing Class Format

Each class begins with a 15 minute warm up with shadow boxing and dynamic stretching, followed by 30 minutes of combinations on the bags, and ending with a killer circuit of abdominal exercises. The mixture of techniques and challenging exercises creates quick & rewarding results that will have you amazed about your improved endurance and physical condition after just a couple of classes. We promise you’ll feel proud of yourself walking out of class every time.

Boxing Training - Fight Like a Champion

With this type of class you will learn the basic fundamentals of boxing while getting in a great cardio workout. Learning boxing techniques will also give you some basic knowledge of self-defense, which we believe everyone should know. A lot of people don’t realize how much boxing tests your core body strength. While using your boxing skills, you will also be doing a mix of circuit exercises that make it a well-rounded class.  We also offer boxing coaching for those seeking to learn advanced skill and technique on a personal level with one of our top trainers.