Kickboxing Classes

Experience the Best Kickboxing Class in San Diego

Those who are looking for an intense all-body workout should check out our Power Kickboxing class. The coaches will introduce you to the fundamentals of punching, kicking and combination techniques in a safe injury-free environment. This class is structured the same as our power boxing classes with the added challenge of using kicks! You will learn roundhouse kicks, push kicks, and knees to add to your martial art repertoire. We highly encourage taking Power Kickboxing classes because it is also a prerequisite to trying any of our basic Muay Thai classes, which are also a very popular classes to take if you are looking to step up your martial art game! This one-hour segmented exercise incorporates cardio techniques with resistance training that help to tone your whole body. You will be drenched in sweat, but also extremely thankful for the wake up call you will be enduring. At a nonstop pace, Power Kickboxing delivers the perfect remedy for a kickstart to your morning or serves as an end of day stress reliever. 

The Benefits of Kickboxing Fitness and Training

Kickboxing is becoming a more and more popular because it melts fat but also is a fun way to get your cardio in. It is also very popular because of the self-defense knowledge you acquire, which is good to learn at any age. You are sure to uncover your body’s own power within a few sessions and walk off the floor exhausted and relaxed every time. Power Boxing/Kickboxing classes are also a fun type workout because they are great for all levels, so we welcome people with zero experience or knowledgeable boxers/kickboxers who are looking for a great workout to go with their technique classes. Its is a great way to turn your workout experience into a social one! Bring a friend who is interested in trying our kickboxing, and have someone to motivate you through the workouts!