The Rig - Strength & Conditioning Class

Bootcamp for Strength and Conditioning in San Diego

The Rig is one of our new fitness classes. Like our Burn class, it is solely a fitness based class. The difference between the two is that it is a slightly slower paced class than Burn and it focuses on strength and conditioning. Its is designed around our new outdoor Rig structure, to include functional strength training and endurance drills.

Benefits of Functional / Strength Training

 Functional training is your one stop shop to burn fat, develop stamina, and build strength. Because functional training is designed around movement patterns rather than isolating specific muscles, you'll also get the added benefits of increased flexibility, mobility, core balance, and better posture. Many of the exercises we use are not performed in a supported or seated position, so we put a major focus on form and posture. Also, because we are not focusing on one muscle group a time, you will develop more long toned muscle definition instead of bulky short muscle tissue that you tend to see from some traditional weight training. Performing resistance movements and exercises allow you to gain flexibility and strength that will help you with your day to day life and reduce the risk of injuries. 
Come spend some time out on our patio on our brand new rig and experience squats, pull-ups, medicine ball throws, weight sleds, speed ladders and much much more. This type of class is very popular for athletes because it will allow you to mix up your workout routine while giving you a great cross training workout to go alongside your boxing training or whatever sport you play. We promise you that you will feel muscles burn that you didn't even know you had.