Yoga Classes in San Diego

those who don't bend break

At TBC, we know the importance of giving our bodies what it needs mentally and physically. That’s why we’ve made sure to create ultra-unique yoga classes and yoga studios in San Diego! We’ve got you covered with vinyasa flow, yoga sculpt, and yoga restore. Unlike other traditional yoga classes, our yoga classes are specifically designed for athletes at any level who want to recover and increase flexibility while focusing on power and strength. 

Why Do Yoga in Our Studio?


- Focus on breathing, posture, stretching, and the mind
- Learn to prioritize you and your body
- Supplement combat arts training
- Reduce stress
- Passionate and experienced instructors
- Improve physical and mental performance



More About Our Yoga Classes



What to Expect in Your Yoga Lessons

When entering our yoga studio, welcome yourself to an extraordinary experience to work on your mind and body. Each instructor designs our yoga classes to be accommodating from beginner to advanced levels by coupling strength poses with guided breathing exercises that can be tailored to you. Our yoga classes are leveling up yoga in San Diego. We focus on warming your body, combining active strength and breathing exercises to unlock energy, and mindful stretching and poses for a deep release. 


Yoga for Beginners to Advanced

Our most popular class is Vinyasa Flow. It’s an all-level class designed to increase flexibility, mental focus, posture alignment, coordination, and mobility. At our East Village location, we offer Yoga Sculpt and Yoga Restore in our beautiful yoga studio. Get ready for a high intensity, cardio and weight training incorporated yoga sequence created to support a lean physique and muscle. Yoga Sculpt incorporates balance challenges, builds flexibility, increases endurance and a high-energy playlist with nothing short of a party. We are proud to offer our San Diego members an experience that can start with a BURN class, boxing workshop, and finish with a yoga class.   

Your Free Yoga Class

Join us for a different kind of yoga experience than you’ll have anywhere else in San Diego! Your first class will include access to all of our amenities to allow for the true TBC vibe to shine through and we will introduce you to your instructor. You will see how our classes are designed for a wide-range of people - from beginners to hardcore athletes and everyone in between. 




Our Yoga Instructors


Our instructors carry on the legacy of making yoga accessible to everyone - beginners and pro yogis welcome! TBC yoga instructors are mindful of the mind-body connection and designing the class to be special for you. With extreme knowledge of the body and other forms of training, our yoga instructors will be able to help you improve your breathing, posture, strength, and mind.



Yoga FAQs

Q: Do I have to be flexible to take a yoga class?
A: No! But we have a feeling that if you continue to come to yoga class, you will become more flexible. 
Q: It’s been a long time since I have done yoga. Will I do okay?
A: It can always be tricky getting back into the game. We are focused on bringing a class that is tailored to all of our members. 
Q: How is yoga different from just stretching?
A: Yoga is different from stretching or warming up by utilizing body movement sequences and breathing techniques to create a mind-body connection. 
Q: Am I allowed to take a boxing class and then yoga?
A: Yes! We love when our members cross train. Our yoga classes are included in your membership.
Q: What do I need to bring?
A: If you would like to bring your own mat, we encourage you to do that. If not, we have some mats that are available. We recommend bringing water to stay hydrated. Oh.. and yourself! 
Q: Can I eat before class?
A: We want to make sure that you are nourished before class; however, it is best to leave some time to digest before class. It usually recommended waiting an hour or so after eating before taking a yoga class.
Q: What do I need to wear?
A: We usually recommend normal athletic gear that is most comfortable for you. 
Q: Do I have to meditate during a yoga class?
A: You are encouraged to do whatever you’d like during class. Some instructors will include focus on breath or other meditative practices. You do what is comfortable for you, but we do ask you to challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone! 

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