Yoga Classes

At The Boxing Club, we know how important it is to have a well-rounded workout regimen in order to avoid overuse injuries and ensure muscular balance. Because we want all of our members to stay injury-free and to have the opportunity to unwind from the rest of their hectic lives, we’ve added Yoga into our weekly class rotation.

Yoga for Athletes in San Diego 

Unlike a traditional yoga class, the yoga performed at TBC is specifically designed for athletes who want to recover and increase flexibility, but also want to maintain their power and strength. The sessions will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and re-energized as well as provide you with all the other physiological and psychological benefits of yoga. Athletes who add yoga to their workout routine improve their overall muscle strength because it focuses on building the smaller stability muscles. This will help with overall balance and flexibility of the body. 

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga will teach help you become in touch with your body and will also improve the function of your muscles. This will not only prevent injury but it will also benefit your daily life and help with other forms of exercise. Many major athletes will do yoga as a form of cross training to enhance their mental control as well. Yoga works your body but it also works your mind with focus on breathing and entering into a sort of meditative state. It truly is a mind and body workout, it also is a way to make sure you stretch your body and make sure it receives proper recovery in a fun and active way. A huge reason why most people do not stretch is because they either, don't enjoy it or don’t know what stretches to do. Let our awesome yoga instructors teach you a new way to enhance your overall body composition and get in a great workout.