Intermediate Boxing

Our Intermediate Boxing class is a step up from our Beginner's Workshop. In this class you will particpate in more contact drills, so a mouthpiece and headgear are needed! This is an extremely fun class because you will be able to apply the drills you learn from boxing workshop with more contact. This class will teach you to be more technical and have better control of each move you make. Boxing can be a bit like a game of chess in that you are constantly trying to calculate and anticipate your competitor’s next move.

Intermediate Boxing Fundamentals

The focus of the class is to prepare you for the next level, which would be our sparring class. You will learn how to be offensive and defensive with correct blocking and counters. You will also learn more advanced combinations through technical and situational drills that relate to sparring. You will mostly be working with a partner to conduct drills that will prepare you to be in the ring on your own.