Intermediate Muay Thai Training

Intermediate Muay Thai is the next step once you have learned the fundamentals of Muay Thai. This class delves deeper into movement, footwork, attack, defense/counter attack and striking drill. The intermediate class is aimed at students who have built a solid foundation in our beginner's class or have come to the Boxing Club with a good understanding of the basics of Muay Thai. Many of the more experienced students train in this class to brush up on the finer points of a particular combination or technique, and improve their skills further.

Full-Contact Intermediate Muay Thai Class

You will learn how to move and create angles, use clinch knee and elbow, how to strike, and how to hold pads to get the most out of your training. Muay Thai advanced defense/counter attack moves and how to apply the offensive and defensive techniques that you have learned. This is a contact class so understanding of basic defense techniques is very important. This intermediate class is designed to prepare you for sparring and advanced Muay Thai. You must have all protective gear for this class as well as approval from the coach. 16 oz. gloves, shin guards, mouth piece required.