Anna Rahim

  • Everyone’s favorite Aussie
  • Sweet but tough
  • Good vibes always


Fitness was a natural transition for Anna. She has been an athlete her entire life. She began competitive swimming in her homeland Australia at the age of 6. She trained and competed at the semi-pro level into her adult life. She was able to earn many awards and trophies during this time. From the beginning, Anna has always been fascinated with body mechanics and had a passion for all forms of exercise and activity. What also drives her passion is the importance and power of psychology and mindfulness, and how large of a role that plays on a persons achievements.
She loves assisting clients in discovering their power and potential in multiple realms of life; therefor it was a natural call for her to make it a career. She absolutely loves that being a trainer makes big changes in peoples lives, especially changes that end up being more than that of physical appearance. To be able to make a positive impact on someone is the greatest gift she can give. Anna’s style of training is firm yet fun! She has an easy going spirit with a challenging repertoire.