Artem Sharoshkin

Artem leads all levels of Muay Thai and Boxing training as well as Power Kickboxing and Power Boxing classes. A WBC-ranked Muay Thai pro fighter and a former US Amateur Champion, Artem has fought since his late teens, and got his start at The Boxing Club.

Originally from Russia, Artem was exposed to boxing and kickboxing in his early teens but first learned about Muay Thai from a National Geographic broadcast episode in the US. Three months later, Artem had his first amateur fight at the Boxing Club. Since then, he has accumulated more than twenty five pro and amateur fights entertaining the crowds in Las Vegas, LA, Tokyo, Yerevan and San Diego. Artem’s heavy leg kicks and powerful knockout-inducing high head kicks earned him the nickname of "The Russian Experiment”.

His fight-ready regimen includes frequent sparring sessions, Muay Thai, boxing, plyometrics, sprinting waist-deep in the Pacific, and running with a parachute. When Artem is not training for a fight, he helps aspiring fighters reach their goals of technique mastery, agility and power.

Since his first days at TBC, Artem had a vision of becoming the owner of this club, and when opportunity presented itself he did not hesitate. In 2014, Artem became a co-owner and managing director of The Boxing Club, and is now bringing his ideas and vision for the best fitness and fight club in San Diego into reality.

Artem’s philosophy: You don’t have to be a fighter to train like one.


  • XAMTC Welterweight Champion
  • IAMTF Welterweight Champion
  • WBC Top-Ranked Contender


  • 10 years Muay Thai & Boxing fight and training experience
  • 9 years of personal training experience
  • 25+ professional and amateur fights

Training Emphasis

  • Personal training for boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai.