Aurora Adamecias

  • Tough as nails
  • Fierce level: a trillion
  • ALWAYS hungry

Aurora has been an athlete her entire life. Fitness gave her the platform to define and create the life she always dreamed of and was an outlet for her growing up. Through training and coaching  she found discipline, commitment, the ability to defy limitations, and an even bigger gift which was the ability to share this knowledge with others  to help them achieve the same. She is obsessed with the human body and how it moves!

After a spinal injury in 2010 changed the trajectory of her life, she spent years in physical therapy, not only as a patient but working as a technician and acquiring as much knowledge as possible. These years paid off and she was able to compete in fitness again while also applying these methods to her coaching style. Her classes are challenging, technical, and a hell of a workout! She specializes in strength and conditioning, weight training, flexibility, posture correction, and injury prevention. She will challenge you to give your all and know your truth.