Beany Galletta Chalfant

Beany Galletta Chalfant

Beany’s training experience comes from her own lifelong fitness journey. After graduating from San Diego State University she immediately began a career as a first grade teacher and then began to raise children of her own. It wasn’t until her kids were almost grown and she was first introduced to The Boxing Club 10 years ago did she decided to make her hobby and already active lifestyle into her passion and profession. Since then she has worked in gyms throughout San Diego. She has had the privilege to train both professional athletes as well as average, everyday athletes looking to improve their overall health and fitness.

Beany has been involved in transforming countless men and women’s bodies and minds and understands first-hand how connected these two aspects of health are to one another. She has a specific love for strength and conditioning and weight loss at all levels.

Beany ‘s later in life career change gives her a mature perspective on the goals and ambitions of her clients. Her work ethic and enthusiasm for fitness is an attribute that she is able to pass along to each of her clients. When asked what she does to stay so fit she would reply, “Everything!” having trained in everything from, marathon running, to boxing, to weight lifting, to yoga, she counts nothing out and looks forward to adding even more to her list.

Training Emphasis

  • Strength and conditioning, weight lifting, and weight loss.

Fun Facts About Beany

  • Her real name is Suzann, and her happy place is in a bathing suit on a beach anywhere in the world.