Caine Gayle

  • Coffee Addict
  • Animal Whisperer
  • Former professional Skateboarder
Caine Gayle was a world ranked street skateboarder -- medaled at the X-Games, had a shoe named after him, and lots of magazine covers.  During this chapter in his life, he came across a new passion: Muay Thai. Through several years of dedication and loyalty to the sport, Caine earned his title of "Kru" in the summer of 2007, being certified as a Muay Thai teacher and trainer. Experiencing competition, training, and a true passion for Muay Thai, Caine knew it was something he had to share with others. He has turned numerous fighters into champions and that's when he knew that achieving Kru would be equivalent to holding a belt, trophy, or medal. But in April of 2018, Caine won his first belt at the United States Muay Thai Open in Arizona with a KO in the 2nd round!
Training Emphasis | Tier 3:
Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Strength Training