Caine Gayle

In 1997, Caine Gayle trained extensively in the art of Muay Thai. He also trained in Thailand for weeks at a time in 2000 and 2004. Through several years of dedication and loyalty to the sport, Caine earned his title Kru in the summer of 2007, being certified as a Muay Thai teacher and trainer. Experiencing competition, training and true passion for Muay Thai, Caine knew it was something he had to share with others. That's when he knew that achieving Kru would be equivalent to holding a belt, trophy or medal.

Fighters Trained

  • Artem Sharoshkin, Current XAMTC Welterweight Muay Thai Champion
  • Luis Bio, IKKC Middleweight Muay Thai Champion
  • Lawson Baker, Former IKKC Cruiserweight Muay Thai Champion
  • Chance Ferrar, WEC Lightweight Fighter
  • Shannon Gugerty, Total Combat MMA Fighter
  • Greg McIntyre, BJJ Black Belt, MMA Fighter
  • Steven Garret, Pro Muay Thai Fighter, Lumpini Stadium
  • Tom Watson, Pro MMA Fighter Gorilla Academy in England
  • Fabrizio Bergamini, Pro Muay Thai Fighter

Training Emphasis

  • Personal training for boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai.


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