Calvin Jones

Calvin Jones

Calvin has been involved in boxing since he was a young boy in Columbus, Ohio, having trained alongside amateur and pro boxers, who were at the local, state, national and world levels. In 1985 he continued a dream that he and his father shared, by joining the navy in hopes of making the All-Navy Boxing Team. Calvin was selected as a middleweight representative under All -Navy coaches Richard Pettigrew and John Hunter. Calvin left Navy Boxing following his father's death and continues his passion for the sport by instructing and training others in achieving their personal goals.


  • Former Member of US All-Navy Boxing Team (1985 – 1997)
  • Member of the California Border Boxing Committee
  • YMCA Fitness Instructor


    • 1985-2003: US Navy Middleweight/Light-Heavyweight Rep
    • 1987-1989 – NAB Littlecreek, Va. – Middleweight/Light-Heavyweight Rep
    • 1989- NAS Oceana, Va./ Middleweight/Light-Heavyweight Rep
    • 1989/1990 – USS Enterprise Middleweight Rep
    • 1991- USS Abraham Lincoln Middleweight Rep
    • 1996- USS Callaghan – Middleweight Rep
    • 1997- USS Curts – Middleweight Rep
    • 2000-2003 Marine Corps Base Hawaii Light-Heavyweight Rep – Oahu, HI