Erica Hulse

  • Pint-sized Powerhouse
  • NPC body champ
  • NO time for excuses
For Erica, fitness and athletics have been more than just a passion, they have been a lifestyle. She emerged into martial arts at the ripe age of five, and at twelve she joined Ken Shamrocks Elite Team — The Lion’s Den. Probably explains her fearless demeanor and sassy personality. Since then she has put countless hours into the disciplines of Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Karate. 
In June of 2012 she traveled to Thailand to challenge herself for 5 months and train at a Muay Thai camp. She was able to fight and win three professional fights. After that experience she returned to San Diego and became dedicated to applying the skills she learned to her clients. 
Her classes are high energy with challenging exercises and complicated combinations. Don’t get caught complaining about being tired or you might get stuck doing 50 Burpees!