Erik Alignay

  • Over 40 fights under his belt
  • Sweet but tough
  • Good vibes always
Erik began training under Bunkerd (Fairtex) in San Francisco, 2003. In 2014, he suffered a dislocated elbow in a tournament that also featured Coach Jessie Magusen. This injury lead him to study and have interest in kinesiology.  Because he was not able to train, he started to help coach other fighters including coach Marvin!
Erik has over 15 years of training and five years teaching/coaching experience in Muay Thai. He has had  over 40 fights, including six in Thailand. As a coach, he has cornered and trained fighters for over 200 fights. He has also trained students of all levels from beginners to world champs. His teaching style is based on balance, rhythm, timing and proper techniques. His techniques come from what he has learned from his coaches: Bunkerd, Neungsiam Samphuri(Fairtex) and Alex Palma.
Training Emphasis | Tier 2:
Muay Thai & Kickboxing