Giovanni Santillan

  • Undefeated 24-0 Professional Boxer
  • Ranked #4 right under Manny Pacquiao
  • Suave 
Giovanni was born in San Diego and became apart of the boxing world at a very young age. He started at 8 years old and has been full steam ahead ever since, fighting in over 80 amateur boxing fights. His style is derived from his rigorous training in Cuba and Mexico, where he competed in numerous boxing tournaments. Now a professional, his record is not only impressive but also rare. He holds an undefeated title with 24 wins and 12 knockouts! Even with his outstanding record he has remained humble and determined to take his career to the next level. And because of his passion for the sport he wants to not only see himself succeed but also his students and clients. 
Check back in with this guy in a couple years - his career is about to explode in the boxing world.