Glenn Salud

  • Yoda and the Hulk combined into one human
  • Hustler
  • Mr. Fix-it
Glenn is well-known in professional boxing circles as a disciple of legendary Albert "Quick" Silva, Hawaii's "Hall of Famer". Glenn has also been connected to the sport of boxing since birth, being the brother and trainer of the WBA, NABF and WBO Super Bantamweight Champion, Jesus Salud. Glenn brings more than 20 years of boxing and coaching experience. brought more than 20 years of boxing and coaching experience, including eight-time World Muay Thai and Kickboxing Champion John Wayne Parr, two-time World Muay Thai Champion, Melchor Menor, rising MMA star, Van Oscar Penovaroff, Mexico's National Muay Thai Champion, Luis Bio and TBC's own, US National Muay Thai Champion, Artem Sharoshkin.
Training Emphasis | Tier 3: 
Boxing  & Strength Training