Jenna Woods

  • Light up the room type energy

  • Former pageant queen
  • Part-time nurse, full-time motivator
Jenna grew up in competitive sports and competed as a division 1 athlete. When she returned home from college her focus turned to training young athletes to be at the demanding level of physical fitness that collegiate sports requires. It was so rewarding for her to be able to be apart of those young athletes journeys and it expanded her passion for fitness. She puts a major emphasis on mechanics to ensure clients will be able to enjoy a lifetime of fitness, and personalized programs for clients that have recent or long term injuries and pain.
Her goal is to always try to get those clients back at their highest level of competition. As a nurse she enjoys educating clients on their body systems and how improving small aspects of their training can effect them positively. She promotes  fitness outside of just the physical results but also from an internal health standpoint; reducing blood pressure, to controlling diabetic sugar levels, to better absorption of nutrients, improved sleep, etc.