Jessie Magusen

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Jessie started Muay Thai in his early twenties for fun and to have a different type of workout, but quickly fell in love with the sport, history ,and culture. After a month of training he decided he wanted to fight. He had his first fight, and kept himself busy fighting 13 times his first year in the sport.

Staying busy and constant training kept him in the ring regularly for a total of 41 amateur and professional fights in his 11 year career. He won 3 amateur titles in 3 different weight classes during his time in the ring and was know for being an exciting and technical fighter. Fighting has taken him all over the US, Thailand and Australia where he was the first American to fight on the CMT.(Caged Muay Thai Promotion)

Throughout his years fighting he has also been teaching and training both students and fighters of all ages from 5 to people in their late 60’s. In fact teaching and training people is where he has the most fun, passing on the knowledge that he was taught by his instructors.


  • CMTA Lightweight amateur champion
  • WMC US Featherweight amateur champion
  • 2013 Thai New Year Super Bantamweight amateur champion
  • WTBA Associate Instructor
  • Cornered for multiple world title fights including WBC WMC TBA and Lion Fight

Training Emphasis

  • Kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Fun Facts About Jessie

  • He likes to make furniture in his spare time.