Lemont Hudgins

  • Footballer
  • Ex reality TV personality
  • The hair envy is real
Fitness as always played a major role in Lemont’s life. Starting off in high school he set records as a track star and began his football career. College coaches saw his potential from his speed and agility and he became a 2x College Football All-American. From there he was drafted to the NFL in Europe as a defensive player, where he was able to earn player of the week twice! His quick moving football career was cut short when he tore his Achilles and had to go through extensive physical therapy. After working with great trainers he was able to regain his confidence and build back his strength. That experience made him want to become a personal trainer and help others reach their potential.
His workouts involve dynamic & evolving strength training mixed with plyometrics, core strengthening, and cross training.