Marcus Dickerson

Marcus's interest in martial arts started early with influences such as Enter the Dragon (Bruce Lee) and endless kung fu films. He jumped all in at age of 13 with a combo of judo' karate and then quickly to (kung fu) Choi le fut. He practiced that discipline for five years and then moved into high school and collegiate sports on a high level. When he was introduced to boxing and multiple sparring sessions with some of MMA's best, it became his new passion.

He learned to apply what he was learning and incorporated those boxing skills to bring up his game. He eventually rose to the professional level and fought in 10 professional boxing fights. Boxing has helped him in every aspect of his life and has changed him in a positive way. He loves the lessons he has learned and feels its time to reciprocate the love he has for the sport. His goal is to give to others what it has given him. Commitment. Dedication and a never-ending pursuit of excellence. Lets work!

Training Emphasis

  • Boxing, strength and conditioning.

Fun fact about Marcus

  • He is a personal protection specialist (Bodyguard).