Meagan Barnaba

  • Former ballerina
  • Rani's best friend (her Golden Doodle)

Living in Ohio Meagan was always active, but her never found my niche. She tried gyms and personal training and never stuck to any of it. When she moved to California she got a trainer and started falling in love with fitness and the environment that comes with being healthy and fit here in San Diego. She realized after a year of having all her friends asking her for workout advice and diet tips that maybe she had something here. So, she decided to make her favorite hobby her career.

She is a high energy instructor. Her classes are hard, but she will always throw in a new move or variation that maybe no one has tried yet in order to keep it fun and interesting. She focuses on making sure you are getting the most out of your workout, so she may have you slow something down to really feel the burn. HIIT workouts are definitely her specialty, but as a personal trainer she likes to focus on weight training and building lean muscle for that yoga sculpted look... oh and don't forget the booty gains!