Roma Lysenko

  • AKA “The Russian Sensation”
  • 3 x amateur Muay Thai champion
  • Adidas tracksuits are his everyday uniform

Roma played soccer in Russia and continued to play when he moved to the U.S. Unfortunately, he developed an injury in high school that made him unable to run for long distances. Because he has always been an active person throughout his life, he felt that he needed something to channel his energy into. He remembered watching Muay Thai highlights when he was 13, and always thought it was something that he wanted to try. Once he became injured and became unable to play soccer, he decided that he wanted to learn martial arts, and eventually found The Boxing Club. He started out just like everyone else, and his first classes were Power Boxing and Kickboxing. Artem Sharoshkin then introduced him to Muay Thai, and that was when he realized Muay Thai was his passion. Since then he has competed in 10 amateur fights and earned 3 Muay Thai champion titles. 


Training Emphasis | Tier 2: 
Kickboxing, Fitness, & Muay Thai