Stephanie Tanguay

  • Won four amateur belts in Muay Thai
  • Favorite hobby: Muay Thai (duh)
  • Former body piercer

Stephanie, also known as “Steph”, got into fitness when her friend decided to train her and incorporated Muay Thai into her training. Steph’s goal is to use Muay Thai as a way to empower others and boost confidence, just like it has done for her. In San Francisco, Steph was training under one of the best fighters from Thailand and has no intention of stopping. Steph has an undefeated record and four championship belts. She is excited to bring her multidimensional perspectives of training and passion for Muay Thai. Steph likes to focus on realistic technique and putting meaning behind each combination.

Training Emphasis | Tier 2: 
Kickboxing & Muay Thai