Tony Fausto

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Tony was born and raised in San Diego,California. He started boxing at 12 in 1993. As of 2016 Tony has now been training and teaching boxing for a total of 23 years. He trained in traditional Mexican style boxing he focused a lot on footwork, angles and movement to his style. Tony believes that every movement should have a purpose. Promoting maximum power and speed with every strike, and he understands the importance of proper technique first.

Traveling to Thailand at the young age of 22 he fell in love with the art and found the transition from boxing to Muay Thai to be a fluid one. Tony incorporates a very traditional Muay Thai style to his classes and privates. Professionally trained in the mecca of Thai boxing “Thailand” Tony lived, trained and fought professionally there for 6 yrs. Overall training in Muay Thai now for 13yrs. He has a very straight forward and simple style to his teaching. With a firm belief “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well."

Tony has worked with professional fighters, members with weight loss and fitness goals, and kids. He will make sure your classes are fun, exciting, exhausting and you will walk away with a sense of accomplishment knowing you’re learning thanks to his attention to detail while teaching.

Training Emphasis

  • Muay Thai and Boxing

Fun Facts About Tony

  • He believes in time travel.