Trace Faubel

  • Dog Dad
  • Yoked
  • Dancing Machine
Trace started his career in fitness by teaching surf lessons and climbing courses. He realized that he loved to watch people progress physically, allowing them to become better at whatever their hobbies or passion was. This made him want to break into the fitness world and make training his career. A lot of his time as a trainer has been spent on the road as a Touring Trainer. He was able to work with many famous country music artists and keep them in shape while they toured the country performing. Another reason he is so passionate about fitness is because of the recovery he had endure when he was injured. He currently has 7 plates in his face and broke his neck (C2/C3), which is the same break that paralyzed Christopher Reeves. After the injury he felt lucky to make a full recovery and made staying physically fit his priority.
His main focus is using functional training to maximize strength, balance, and cardio.